Monday, June 7, 2010

Stuff of the Week: "Weekly World News"

In recognition of noted gas bag Rush Limbaugh's fourth (!) wedding, here's what he was up to back in 1994. Harkening back to an age when space aliens and bat-boys graced the front cover regularly, the Weekly World News was guaranteed to draw my eye at the check out counter. They basked in the glory of their cheesiness, making no attempt to craft their cover photos into believability. And their bold headlines (each one earning it's own exclamation point!) were both ridiculous and yet somewhat appealing, giving it that sort of "Confidential" magazine vibe. The newspaper no longer exists, partially, I believe, because the other news outlets caught up to it and ate it's cheesy lunch. Change this to Obama shaking hands with an illegal alien and you have your Fox and Friends lead story.

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