Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stuff of the Week: "Letraset"

When I was starting out in the business, Letraset books were the equivalent of the Sears Catalog for a graphic designer. Pages after pages of rub off type faces, borders, symbols and letrotone shades and textures. When I attended Graphic Careers for a year back in the early 80's I loved raiding their collection of old flaking rub off lettering. In this copy of the book (provided by the Art Store chain Hyatt's) there are a few places where the alphabet type display had been cut out and taped back in, so that it could be blown up on the "stat camera", and then "waxed" and "pasted up" on a "mechanical". I threw in that last part about the waxing and stuff because 80% of the words in this post are now obsolete since desktop publishing showed up in the mid to late eighties. But all of those no-doubt toxic smells still take me back.

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