Thursday, June 24, 2010

Early Work # 4

In third or fourth grade (I can't remember which) we were taught about the Civil War by our teacher, Mrs. Robinson (yes, THAT Mrs. Robinson), and as I recall it, every boy in the class immediately became obsessed with the topic. Not that we wanted to learn specifics about the history, really, we were more into the uniforms and drawing battle scenes. This was one of my contributions, showing that I was still years away from understanding how watercolors work. On the back is another abandoned drawing, which only got as far as the words "Civil War" and a drawing of a soldier's cap. I suspect this may have been one of the many times in my academic career that I used art as an extra credit measure to make up for my less than impressive grades.

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caricature lafontaine said... already had incredible skills in grade 3. The composition, the values, the color scheme, the mouvement and even the use of watercolor are very strong. Some people can't even achieve these results at age 60...