Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stuff of the Day: "Star Wars Cup"

Plucked from the same "Free" pile as the Captain America notebook, this Star Wars cup features Darth Vader, Luke, Leia (and the rest) and can never be drank from again. So, let the floodgates of Star Wars memories open. Mine rests with the first showing of the first Star Wars movie (or the fourth movie, if we buckle under to Geaorge Lucas' will). It was an early afternoon showing in the Summer, and me and my friend Jim Garlock were there at the old Pittsford, NY movie theater, standing around the parking lot waiting for it to open. And there were only a hand full of people there. (I heard that the evening performances were much better attended, and that my fellow artist friend Karl Kesel had gone in a tux) My knowledge that the movie might be worth seeing at all came from Jim, who had a better connection to the Sci Fi world than I did. Apparently, Harrison Ford had stayed at a local hotel here with his family not long before the opening and his kids were wearing Star Wars T-shirts, which didn't mean anything to anybody yet. Once the doors opened, the theater did fill up and a certain electricity filled the air as the opening scenes unspooled. And I was a convert. The Death Star exploded, I bought a souvenir book in the lobby, and then the shock waves started across the country. A never quite left. I started to get annoyed with everyone else's case of Star Wars fever (where were they on the opening day?), but that's just my personality. When my son became old enough, though, I dutifully indoctrinated him into the Star Wars cult. Just like George Lucas knew I would...

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