Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stuff of the Day: "Nickelodeon Kid's Meal Toy"

This is a Burger King Kid's Meal toy (now illegal in California) that featured some of the shows from Nickelodeon's great run in the 90's. (That was a golden age for kid's shows in general) This particular package featured characters from "Action League Now!" which was a short that was featured on Nick's Sunday afternoon animation extravaganza "Ka-Blam!" Put together by the geniuses behind "Pete + Pete", it was a crudely animated super hero group made up of toys that looked like they could have been bought off the toy store shelves. In the bag you can see bits and pieces of Stinky Diver, Thunder Girl, Melt Man (who had the power to... melt!), and The Flesh! I miss the days when a parent could watch their kid's favorite shows with them without having the urge to tear out their eyeballs.

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