Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stuff of the Day: "Captain America binder"

Found this in a "Free" pile of stuff by the road after a garage sale, featuring an awesome cover by Jack Kirby (inked by John Romita Sr.). I'll admit to some resistance to the 1970's Kirby art when I was a teenager. My friends down the street, the DeMayos, and I started collecting comics seriously right around this period, and Big John Buscema was my favorite artist. I set about methodically collecting all the back issues of The Avengers that he had drawn (a good chunk of his work can be seen in that left panel). And we dug Kirby's 60's work, especially on The Fantastic Four. But his newer stuff, we couldn't get a handle on. Why couldn't that guy close his fist all the way? Where is his knee going? We used to refer to this period as "square fingers" art. It was similar to the way that I couldn't really appreciate Picasso at that age. But years later, after I'd been working as an illustrator for a while, if a client asked me to do something in a classic super hero comic book style, I'd find myself going right into the Kirby arsenal: The lighting bolt shading, the over exaggerated perspective, and yes, the square fingers. King Kirby is back, indeed.

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