Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mort Drucker

I recently had another "Heroes of My Childhood" moment when I got a letter from the great Mort Drucker, in response to a gushing fan letter I had written him. Mort was hands down my biggest caricature influence growing up, well before I new what "caricature" meant. His movie parodies were my only knowledge of movies like "The Godfather" or "Midnight Cowboy" since I wasn't old enough to actually see them. And, judging by the note he sent me, he's a real sweet guy. I also got to channel him and Jack Davis a bit recently for "The Mesopotamians" video, which brought back my love for their work. So, I did a portrait of him. Because I owe him.


Carolyn said...

another gushing letter. This is awesome.

Don Coker said...

Very nice, David. One of my early influences as well!