Friday, November 16, 2007

Bob Chubby!

Here's the test reel produced by Flickerlab for a pilot I created last year called Skitterville, featuring Bob Chubby the caterpillar and all of his insect buddies.


Phil said...


hine said...

Hello! I love this animation and the characters! They are so cute! Is this music They Might Be Giants?
I love your "The Mesopotamians" video too. Very cool.

David Cowles said...


Thanks. I love the stuff you did for TMBG as well. It's not them singing on this clip, but I met them when they were almost hired to do the theme for this show.

hine said...

Wow, thanks! I thought you don't know me!
And a few second ago, I just noticed there is the link of my website here!! Thank you so much David!
I'm really looking forward to seeing the videos you made for 'Here come the 123s'. I also made one for them. We have to wait two more months!

David Cowles said...

Sure I know you. Can't wait to see what you did or the DVD.